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Cancer Patients

Battling cancer is hard enough so losing your hair can be an added difficulty. A patients self-esteem is an integral factor in the success for their treatment and feeling good about themselves is a huge step on the long road to recovery. Having an understanding of why patients lose their hair during chemotherapy and evaluating the options available when it happens, will help cancer suffers cope at a difficult time.

A positive self-image is the proven aid in the healing process. At iHairclinc we offer our help of hair knowledge to assist you with the essential support aid during your difficult time of treatment.
We develop together a plan to manage your hair loss from beginning to end and discuss the endless alternatives available today for you.

For patients undergoing cancer treatments which may lead to hair loss, we offer custom made wigs. All our hair is made with 100% human hair, with a wide range of colours that match your natural colour, so as to blend in naturally and provide you with a luxurious head of hair.

Prior to chemotherapy we take a small sample of your existing hair, so that we can match your hair characteristics and select the finest human hair that will perfectly match your own natural hair colour, density and wave or curl, so that we can make a wig that is custom made for you.

We’ve also put together some tips on how to cope with Hair Loss during Cancer Treaments

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    We understand that it can be a traumatic time for you to go through and with all the options available out there, it can be somewhat overwhelming with all the various options available.

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