A Sydney Clinic Specialising in Hair Replacement Systems for Men and Women

At Myhair Clinic, we specialise in giving our clients back their confidence. We do this by providing men’s and women’s non surgical hair replacement systems which deliver results without the need for invasive surgical procedures.

Our variety of products ensures that we can provide you with a custom made solution that is naturally healthy and luxurious for an affordable price. Our aim is to have you feeling confident, without breaking your budget. So we’re not about locking you into contracts or charging you high prices, we want you to experience our products at an affordable price.


Learn about hair replacement for women and men at your free consultation

We understand that it can be somewhat overwhelming with all the various options in relation to hair systems. This is why we offer a free consultation at our Sydney clinic, so that we can determine your suitability for a non surgical system.

During this free consultation we will discuss expectations and preferences with our trained consultants. Don’t worry, though – we won’t put you in a room with a pushy salesman. Our objective is to makes this experience easy for you. We’ll provide you with some example non surgical hair systems for you to see for yourself and understand how your new hair will look and feel.

The process of finding the right non surgical option for you…

During your initial consultation, we sit down with you and work out the best solution for your budget. You’re under no obligation to commit to anything.

From that point, if you do decide to proceed, we take a small sample of your existing hair so that we can match its characteristics and select the finest human hair options that will perfectly match your own natural colour, density and wave or curl.

A template of your hairline is then made to give exact measurements of the shape and size of your scalp, whilst also taken into account where it grows, for example where you part your hair, or where your crown should be located.

The template and sample is then sent off for a custom made solution for a new head of luscious locks.

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If you want to invest in your confidence, contact Myhair Clinic in Sydney today on 9712 8187 to find out more about our replacement systems for men and women, or to book your obligation free initial consultation.

  • We offer a no obligation a free initial consultation

    We understand that it can be somewhat overwhelming with all the various options available which is why we offer a free consultation so that we can determine the best solution for you.

    Contact us for a free consultation or if you need any further information or advice on 02 9712 8187.