Get Back Your Confidence with Human Hair Pieces in Sydney

There are varying degrees of hair loss in women. It can be gradual thinning on the top or sides of the scalp, or there may be bald patches or breakage. At Myhair Clinic, we specialise in helping men and women of all ages overcome this issue using state of the art technology that creates and customises human hair hairpieces to your own individual needs. Our wide range of services ensure that no matter what you are experiencing, we can find the perfect hairpieces for our clients.

How we can help the common problem of hair loss in women

Hereditary thinning accounts for most cases of hair loss and it’s a common occurrence with 40% of the female population suffering from it.

Our variety of products ensures that we can provide you with a custom made solution that is affordable without compromising on quality. Our aim is to have you feeling confident without breaking your budget. Through our range of non-surgical hair replacement options, we can help men and women rediscover their self-esteem by giving them the locks they have always dreamed of.

Human hair hairpieces that add volume

Whether you’re after top or volume pieces, we have a solution to meet your requirements. There are various non-surgical techniques we use, which can be tailored to suit your lifestyle.

All our pieces are specifically matched to your own hair at our Sydney clinic. If you’re looking for extensions to give you extra length, volume or thickness we specialise in the finest quality European options that blend naturally throughout your locks. We also supply all accessories to meet your requirements and we’ll have you with a luxurious naturally looking head of hair.

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