Frequently Asked Questions

Losing your own hair and finding something to replace it to get your confident back can be difficult and overwhelming.

At Myhair Clinic we are here to assist you step by step to guide you and make this journey easier and finding the correct information to suit you . Learn how to be confident and comfortable with your new hair and you again.


Why you choose Myhair Clinic instead of all other big hair replacement companies ?

We have the latest non- surgical hair replacement best products one on one service with affordable pricing .

We design for each and individual of our clients in any level of their hair lost to match and suit you and your unique situation.

Hair loss can be a negative and confronting in your life can be stressful and aging we understand your need and we are here to help people men and women with all ages with their hair loss problems .


What do we do at Myhair Clinic ?

We have high level of support and customer care for you as soon as you call, email or walk into our clinic to make sure we answer all the questions you have in your mind in confident and free of charge.

We give you a free consultation we will assess your hair loss and provide you with the right and honest information to your hair loss problem there is no obligation .

Myhair Clinic  is dedicated and service to all hair replacement clients with what they need.

In our clinic we will give you a full head of hair for ever and this is the only solution to your hair loss problem . No more worries about balding again.



NO, it is not a toupee. Toupee is from the past!

Myhair Clinic  is the future to hair replacement we have design and create the latest technology its called the “second skin”

So natural, so comfortable and undetectable. We create to suite all skin colours and all types of hair to custom made to your perfection.



All of our hair replacement systems are designed to your budget, your life style. We have all different bases and materials to suite YOU with your wearer and the maintained. Some of our clients like to change their hair replacement every month, every 4-6months, every 6 months to 1year or 1-2years for our ladies clients. It’s really up to you.



Myhair Clinic  will guide you step by step to maintain your own hair replacement system at home with the attachment only with tapes or simply we will book you ongoing service with our hair stylist to re-cut your hair and re-attached your hair replacement, for the best result we advise our client from 4 – 6 weeks service maintaining which involves a hair cut of your own hair and maintenance of your hair replacement system.

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