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Our experts are here to help you, simply by listening to you and advise you wisely to choose from our wide variety of best quality human replacement hair care and products.


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How does it all work?

Our hair systems are second to none, they’re all handcrafted to suit your requirements. Most importantly there made with 100% Remy Human Hair in a variety of colours to best match your natural hair colour.

So when you come in, we discuss your situation and take you through the process, maintenance and associated costs.

We then access the area required for coverage and your natural hair colour in order to find the correct match

We then discuss the Hair System options with you, whether it be a Stock SystemsCustom Systems, or the top end European Hair Systems that best matches your requirements and place it on your scalp.

If at this point you choose not to continue, we simply say our goodbyes and wish you the nest of luck as you’re under not obligation to purchase or continue with us.

If you have decided it’s the way to go, the we first need to decide on what hair system you want?

If you choose a Stock system, you can walk out the door in 60-90 minutes with a new head of hair. Custom and European Hair Options generally take 4-10 weeks.

At that point we cut in your new head of hair, so that it blends in nicely with your existing hair which provides you with a natural feel that you can be confident in.

This whole process takes 60-90 minutes, then you’re done!


We offer a no obligation a free initial consultation.

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